Physics Table

For this project we had to choose a design or manufacturing tradition to reinterpret in an innovative way. I chose to look at the tradition of designing and making complex objects such as nested balls which are ad- mired on the craftsmanship, and to then make an a piece of lighting which is had this complexity but in a more subtle way. I used additive manufacturing as I wanted to emphasize that the craftsmanship side of this design is in the algorithm rather than the physical construction. For inspiration with designing an object with subtle complexity I felt I should look to nature. I specifically looked at Radiolarian lifeforms and the complexity found in their skeletons. The idea of using an irregular pattern in the construction of my design came from images like the one to the right, as it would cast interesting shadows. So I created a voronoi diagram which I manipulated and mapped to a surface. I also made the script more user friendly by linking a midi controller using the mandrill plugin to give a tangible way of designing this object


Table Gallery