Photo Experiments

This project, for a photography class taken at MIT, developed skills in both digital and analogue photography. The work shown is all digitally produced, but heavily influenced by analogue photographic practice.

The image of a woman’s face arose from experimentation in parametric image editing. A Grasshopper script generated variations on parametric patterns that was mapped on to the image. Pixels closest to the pattern would be altered. This technique allows for rapid experimentation with image editing.

The two collage images were created in response to the careless attitude with which digital photographs are commonly executed, often resulting in technically flawed photographic images. The photographs in the collages have undergone no editing or screening, instead a C# script analyzed the average color of each photograph and organized darker images along a curve and progressively lighter images positioned further from the curve. The principle behind this was to use images that would have been disposed to create visually interesting imagery that incorporates multitude experiments in capturing personal, narrative imagery.

The Instagram logo image was developed from a conversation about content driven social media networks, such as Instagram and Facebook. Without user content, ie the images and information users put into them, these platforms wouldn’t exist. As a commentary on this, nine randomly selected images taken over the course, Using a C# these were broken down into pixels that were analyzed and organized in such a way to best recreate the Instagram logo.


Photo Gallery