Organic Lampshade

Starting with a design or manufacturing tradition, this was an exercise in reinterpretation and innovation. Traditions of design and manufacture of complex objects, such as nested balls, are admired for particular qualities of craftsmanship. An item of lighting was designed to execute complexity and quality in a more subtle and variable way. Additive manufacturing demonstrated how craftsmanship can be expressed algorithmically equally well as it is in traditions of craft construction.To design an object with subtle complexity it was decided to look to nature. Radiolarian lifeforms, and the complexity found in their skeletons, proved to be ideal forms to explore. Irregular patterns in the construction of the design came from images, like the one to the right, which would exploit effects of lighting to create interesting shadows. By using voronoi diagrams, complex patterns were manipulated and mapped to a surface around a subtle organic form.


Lampshade Gallery